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Sanyo PLC-XF47

Excellent for Church or medium venue.

True XGA Digital Multimedia Projector

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  • 15,000 ANSI Lumens (Typical)
  • Approx. 30,000 ANSI Lumens when twin-stacked    
  • True XGA (1024 x 768) Resolution    
  • Compressed UXGA Resolution
  • 2000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Vertical & Horizontal lens shift mechanism
  • Auto Picture Control
  • Vertical/Horizontal Edge Adjustment
  • New Progressive IC for 2-3 Pulldown and 1080i to Progressive Conversion    
  • Detachable Interface Panels (Multi-Versatile Platform)    
  • Optional Network Control/Administration Board    
  • Four Lamp System    
  • Efficient Lamp Management System    
  • Digital Visual Interface (DVI-I)    
  • 3-D Digital Noise Reduction    
  • X-Y Power Lens Shift (Up/Down/Left/Right)    
  • Power Zoom/Power Focus    
  • RS-232 In/Out    
  • HDTV Compatible    
  • One-Touch Lens Mount System    
  • A Variety of Lens Options Available    
  • Lenses Sold Seperately
  • 24/7 Operation (1 hour per day recommended off to preserve lamp life)

Also known as: XF47, plcxf47, plc xf47n

Sanyo PLC-XF60A Specifications

Sanyo PLC-XF47 Specifications

Sanyo PLC-XF60A Owner's Manual Sanyo PLC-XF47 Owner's Manual

Optional Accessories:

Input Boards
Advanced PJ-Net
Advanced Network Control & image transfer terminal
Lens Options

Lens Options
Sanyo manufactured Lenses for the Sanyo XF47 Projector

Input Boards
Interface Boards
Upgrade & Expansion Options for the Sanyo XF47 projector

Multi-Lamp optical system offers outstanding brightness
Each model employs a multi-lamp optical system that provides light intensity projection. The PLC-XF47 uses four UHP lamps and achieves a brightness of 15,000lm. By stacking two projector units, more powerful projection with doubled intensity is possible.

Select between two lighting modes to suit conditions of use
All models feature two lighting modes: a high-brightness mode which has all lamps turned on; and an economy mode*1 which doubles the amount of usable time. The user simply selects the mode best suited for a particular environment. If one lamp is accidentally turned off when used in the high-brightness mode, the system automatically switches over to the economy mode. This failsafe function*2 prevents a presentation from being interrupted.

*1 In the economy mode, brightness is half that of the high-brightness mode. *2 The PLC-UF15, PLC-XF41 and PLC-XF45 performs this function even in the economy mode (two-lamp mode) switching to a one-lamp mode, but color and brightness correction is not performed. A switchover to the one-lamp mode only occurs if an emergency should arise.

New progressive-scan IC
A newly developed progressive scan IC enhances image quality. Also, the use of an original circuit for line interpolation gives moving images a more natural and beautiful diagonal resolution. Full compatibility with 2-3 pull-down and high-definition TV signals (1080i) also assures superb quality when projecting film sources.

High contrast optical system
Each model employs a high-contrast optical system to produce a 2,000:1 contrast, a breakthrough ratio for liquid crystal transmission systems. The 10-bit digital gamma correction control function allows smoother gradation characteristics and controls gradation reproduction according to images input.

Three 3-D digital circuits
Each model comes with three 3-D digital circuits: a 3-D digital progressive circuit for I/P conversion of 1080i signals; a 3-D digital Y/C separation circuit to increase resolution and reduce noise; a 3-D digital noise reduction circuit for reproducing flicker-free, vivid images.

Crosstalk / ghosting canceller
It eliminates the problem of ghosting on images. The crosstalk canceller reduces signal interference between the drive circuits on the liquid crystal panels. Line/dot inversion reduces signal interference between pixels.

Intelligant sharpness controller
These models make use of the intelligent sharpness controller sharpen the detail of areas other than areas with steep image signals such as ruled lines and characters that are often prone to generate bright lines. Irrespective of the input mode for RGB/video, the controller delivers clearer, sharper images.

3-D AUCC Circuit

The 3D Automatic Uniformity Correction Control (AUCC) provides precise compensation at a total of 7,425 points. Compared with conventional systems*, this offers more than ten times the control over color problems caused by a lack of brightness conformity. The result is smoother, more natural gradation.


* Correction points of convensional AUCC cirucuit are 624.


User-replaceable lens upgrades

Eight different replaceable lenses, from short-fixed to long-fixed types, are optionally available. It is easy to exchange a lens. Simply mount the optional lens in the supplied adapter, and screw the adapter in place.*


Interchangeable expansion boards

Each model has slots for accommodating input/output interface boards*, such as video boards and RGB boards. The RS-232C terminals including cross-through output terminals as well as input terminals, can be controlled by external devices for easily and flexibly configuring an ideal system for each user.

* Some boards can be installed to limited slots.

Power driven lens shift

Using the power-driven lens shift function* allows the user to move the projection screen about without lifting the main unit. This function is especially effective for projection with two units stacked.

* up/down, left/right

Real Color Manager Software

This makes it easier to adjust the white balance and gamma curve adjustments: simply compare the projected images from the enclosed CD-ROM* with the images on the enclosed photo sheet. Because you can view the image as you adjust the settings, it's easy to attain faithful color reproduction in almost any projection environment. This function also responds to professional needs by allowing precise color settings using the gamma curve for each RGB color. Once settings are correct, you can store them on a PC** and later retrieve them for easy set-up.

* Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
** One batch of settings can be saved in projector memory.

Digital keystone correction for undistorted images
Each model provides digital keystone effect correction to compensate keystone distortions.

Correction range: PLC-UF15: +30° – -20° PLC-XF45/XF41: +35° – -30°
Correction range differs depending on lens shift, throw distance, input signals, zoom ratio, etc. Aspect ratio of a projected image may be different from that of the LCD panel in some circumstances. Compensated images are slightly smaller than original images.



Lens Mount Adapter
(for LNS-W02, W02KS, M01, S01 lenses)
  POA-LNA01 Lens Mount Adapter (for all other lenses)
  PLCCSE14 Hard Shipping Case
  6103346267 Replacement Lamp for PLC-XF47

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